It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to share with you through these images as part of my world and myself. Photography is my passion and the objective of this website is to share that passion. I am a proud Tanzanian who is inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us.
My name is Said Abubakar, born in Zanzibar,Tanzania a country located in the east coast of Africa. Moved to Copenhagen, Danmark in the late 80`s and went to study at Frederiksberg Technical School and now working  at  Xellia Pharmaceuticals.

My philosophy in photography is to adopt a personal style that portrays an artistic vision which can also be emotionally powerful.
In the years I’ve been involved with photography,I’ve learned to appreciate all the small things that make up the beautiful world we live in.Through my lens I capture special moments with true emotion and translate them into art.
These days I just love to have a camera in my hand and take every opportunityto embrace all forms of photography.I love to show real life, these are the moments we will treasure forever.The best part of it is that I get to interact and be a part of the fun,getting to know the peoples, capturing real interactions, and telling their story, is what inspires me. Each shoot is unique and a new chance for me to  share with others my passion for modern, candid style photography. I have the honor of shooting weddings, portraits, and meaningful events in the  Greater Copenhagen area and have also traveled to shoot in Zanzibar,Tanzania and Mombasa,Kenya.

Working with all these activities I am passionate about creating websites and using new technology to improve the way we communicate.Web designing is part of the creative arts and requires designers to explore their own creativity and imagination—whether creating a logo for a website banner or designing a home page along with their technical knowledge.

I love what I do,and it shows in the quality of my work.I continued my interest in web development through much self-motivated learning.Websites and photography dominate my life, but I’m just as happy as anyone (or probably more-so) to get away from computers.When I’m not working I enjoy being outdoors in my neighborhood of BrøndbyStrand beaches.Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope you enjoy your stay.